LovePop Cards

Intricate, magical paper pop-up cards

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Going analog for Valentine's day
@badboyboyce There's just something special about the physical, the handwritten note...
These pop-up cards are intense (just in time for Valentines):
@rrhoover Ryan, the response from the Product Hunt community has been incredibly overwhelming, and definitely just in time for Valentine's Day. I've been super impressed by how active you are - our inbox is literally overflowing. Thank you Ryan and everyone at Product Hunt!
There are amazing! I will definitely be sending some of these in the future.
These are absolutely stunning. My only concern would be the price point of some of them - I'd be interested to hear from the makers regarding how well their $13 cards do. I'm definitely not saying they're not worth it, just that that's quite pricey for a card!
@riaface Hi Ria! It's Wombi from LovePop. We've gotten a fantastic response on the cards so far. I think people give a LovePop as more than a card, it's a mini-gift that sticks around on the mantle, desk, or dining room table.
I'm a big LovePop fan! Ordered all of my holiday cards from them this December (as a Kickstarter backer - whoop whoop!). I especially loved the one with two snowmen and a log cabin... Gave that one to my mom! :-)
@ericaswallow Thanks so much Erica - we love our kickstarter backers! We've got some fun new designs coming soon (maybe a surfer?). Stay tuned :)