Scale and debug your Heroku dynos on the go (Android only)

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This new Heroku client for Android launched today, allowing you to manage your dynos on the go in a pretty interface. Including scaling, logging into the app and all the usual DevOps needs. @mdjanic What made you build this app for Android first vs iPhone?
@lukasfittl it allows you to do many other things apart from those you've mentioned :) I've actually built LovelyHeroku for iOS initially and got amazing feedback both from clients, media, and Heroku/Salesforce itself. Because of the excellent reception I've had for the app and the feedback, I decided to redesign the app with a nicer interface and features required by our users, and Android looked like a natural platform to show amazing things that can be done on it, even if most people think nice UX is mostly on the iOS :) So that's why! :)