Twitter for dating 💕

People are more than just faces. We’re shaping a new swiping experience that's as much about your thoughts, feelings and opinions as it is looks. Because on a date in real-life, looks matter but it’s what you say that counts..

Hey Hunters! I'm Daigo, co-founder of Loveflutter, alongside @dstanden. We're the first dating app to harness Twitter: log in with Twitter, add tweets to your profile and browse Twitter feeds of potential matches. Because looks matter, but what you say counts, right?! 3 WAYS TO JOIN Facebook, email and now Twitter TWEETS ON PROFILES Log in with Twitter to add recent tweets SWIPE WITH MORE INSIGHT Browse 140 character facts, pictures, tweets and more The Science bit: tweets reveal your personality 😳 "The frequency of certain words in tweets, can reveal a person's emotional, social and thinking style. Each tweet is like a fingerprint" | Professor J. Pennebaker | University of Texas | Receptiviti AI Excited to explore a new direction in swiping that’s less looks, more thoughts. Love your feedback!
@daigo_smith cool idea in a world where online dating has become 98% visual reflects. Curious; are retweets also allowed on profiles?
@kbclauson Hi Kaben, thanks for taking an interest! We pull in your 10 most recent tweets, stripping out any RT's as we don't feel it's a reflection of your true personality. We're just getting started with Twitter's API, future updates will give users more control over what gets displayed. Hope that answers!
I'll give it a try 😊, looks nice. But the focus is strongly on Twitter, why do we have mail & Facebook alternatives. Will we have the same experience with those two types of connections? 🤔
You can sign up with either (Twitter / Facebook / online) and connect your @Twitter to your profile to display Tweets - we see it as a great way for people to show what you're following, tweeting about and show more about you
@tsunaze Hi Pierre-Marie, we made Loveflutter for everyone. If you log in with email or FB rather than Twitter you can still browse tweets of potential matches, however you just won't have any tweets displayed on your own profile. You still have a general bio, 6 pictures and a 140 character fact to express yourself, plus if you login in with FB we'll show you any common friends and mutual interests you share with others. Hope that helps explain!