A modern day love note messenger.

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The Lovebox is a communication device to take care of those who matter the most to you. It transmits positive emotion, not just messages. When you send a love note using the mobile app, the Lovebox’s heart spins until your loved one opens the lid and discovers your message inside.

  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, dedicated to a specific relationship, more personal than texts or emails


    Would love to see more heart designs! 💚

    I think the Lovebox is a nice way to improve the way you communicate with people you love. The emotional impact of a Lovebox message is clearly higher than the one of a simple text.

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  • X A V I E R  H O U Y
    X A V I E R H O U YIndustrial designer, XAVIERHOUY.COM

    Just lovely and simple for everyone !



    I love it, just got 3 pre-releases in Paris before the KickStarter campaign, one for my home, 2 for each grand parents... and my kids love it too :) <3

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Jean Gregoire
Jean GregoireMaker@jean_gregoire · Co-Founder, CEO, LoveBox
Thanks a lot for hunting us, Adrien! Product Hunt is such a great community to get exposure and feedback on our product. I'll be really happy to talk and reply to all comments. To give you all a little bit more context on the Lovebox, I built the very first one for my fiancée staying in France when I was researching robotics as a postdoc at MIT. Since then, it became a product to gift your significant other, your child, your parents, a friend, anyone you love. We would like to build a network of communication devices that transmit emotion, not just data. We see the Lovebox as the first nodes of this Internet of Feelings that we are building. I strongly believe that we need such a network because we receive so many messages on our smartphone today that even if one of them carries some positive emotion, it gets lost in this constant flow of notifications. I'd be really glad to discuss our product and our vision of the Internet of Feelings. And again, thanks a lot for hunting us!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@jean_gregoire Internet of Feelings - first time I've heard that but absolutely love the concept of a such an ecosystem 🌺
Jean Gregoire
Jean GregoireMaker@jean_gregoire · Co-Founder, CEO, LoveBox
@abadesi Thanks a lot! We found out what we are fundamentally doing quite recently and found the term "Internet of Feelings" so meaningful. I'm very happy to see that it inspires you as well!
Semira Amiralai
Semira Amiralai@semiraamiralai · Technical Recruiter
@jean_gregoire Bravo, Friend. Internet of Feelings. May it bring compassion back into this digitally disconnected world the connections have somehow created. ❤️
Emmanuel Darmon
Emmanuel Darmon@emmanueldarmon · Product Manager & UX/UI Designer
Leo Daniel
Leo Daniel@jleodaniel
Hi @jean_gregoire this is awesome! Taking love to the global level! ♥️
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
wow, my mom would love this for some of her younger grandkids - because she’s not going to buy them apple watches to draw hearts ;)
Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
Nice! I discovered Lovebox during The Refiners ( fleet introduction few weeks ago in San Francisco. They definitively rocked the show! Curious to see how this project evolves. I added it to my "Made in 🇫🇷" collection