Love Your Work Challenge

A new challenge each week to help you love your work again.

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Kevin D. Jones
Kevin D. JonesMaker@kevindjones · CEO of viaPing, Advisor, Speaker
Product Hunters! This free, weekly challenge is for all of my friends and soon to be friends who are barely tolerating their job. As a consultant and speaker, I get to visit many different companies. But too often I see work zombies walking the halls - those poor unfortunate souls who go to work but don't even enjoy it. That is no way to live a life! Who wants to spend 8-10 hours of every day doing something that drains them? But I used to be there, too. Making the long, voluntary commute into work seemed like walking the plank every day. At the end of the day I would arrive home drained, void of energy, giving my family only what I had left over mentally and emotionally. My hope is that you love your work so much that you come home more on fire than when you left - more energetic, more excited, more happy. Each week you will be presented with a challenge to love your work. They aren't difficult challenges, but they will stretch you and help reignite the small flicker of a flame you might have. And if you know of someone who is struggling, share this with them! Give them the gift of a challenge. Now go Love Your Work!