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Several of the 'features' of this "turntable" (it's not a turntable) are quite literally the bare minimum for something to play records. Stylus for analog sound? How else would you play a record? And I would certainly hope that it's safe for the vinyl records! What is the 'highest quality' stylus? It looks to be paired with an Audio Technica AT300P or AT90CD, hardly even entry level cartridges. There doesn't seem to be any allowance of the consumer to fine tune the system either. That is, no pitch control nor adjustment for cartridge weight - vital if the consumer is allowed to use any cartridge other than the included. I think it's a neat concept that bridges the gap from the old physical medium to the digital phone-centered world. I, however, do not find that it is a record player worth $600 retail.
@john_cockerill does it still have the nostalgic hiss? If so, this might be a good gift for myself and my dad.
@shakurgreen Depending on the audio quality it should. However, there are many other great options in terms of turntables that you can buy new, many at fraction of the price of this item. If you're looking for one that's going to be great out of the box (and it will for sure have that nostalgic sound), I would take a gander at the Audio Technica AT-LP60 and the higher level AT-LP120. Very respectable turntables.
@john_cockerill True. But I didn't want to go the traditional route. I wanted more of a show piece with the same sound quality as the original.
@shakurgreen Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood. If you want a nontraditional showpiece, with good sound quality (this item will probably be mediocre sounding overall - based on how they show it), I might take a look at belt driven turn tables. They are still pretty traditional, but definitely look more impressive. If you want something really out the ordinary, something that can be had for a similar price as above is the Vertical Turn Table (
@john_cockerill Ahh, I like that! Thanks, man!
It looks really interesting but I'm wondering what happens if/when their mobile app stops working? Is that a required piece to get the sound from the device to your speakers? I'm not an audiophile so issues with wireless bitrate are not a major concern. Yet if the device becomes useless once mobile tech moves on, they abandon the app, or wifi/bluetooth specs change it makes it a device for maybe 5 years.
YES! We can finally get the kittens off the records! 😻
@as_austin It looks like a pet magnet for me. Cats will def want to fuck with this.
It looks like a remote control or a giant black Apple mouse. I've gotten into collecting records over the last year or two and my family and I all have our own turntables and collections. Even went crate digging with my mom! That said, there is something intrinsically perfect about the classic turntable design, and tables like these are not something I feel compelled to purchase, but I'm sure there are some within the vinyl-loving community that would dig this. I remember the vertical turntable on here awhile back - beautiful concept, but I can see myself or my cat breaking that and this LOVE turntable pretty easily.