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Roman@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Good to see another Seedcamp company on PH. Emer and the team are disrupting the fashion accessory business. The stuff they make is mind blowing. You should check it out.
Emer O'DalyMaker@emerodaly · co-founder, CEO, Love & Robots
@romanzadyrako Thanks for the feedback, Roman! :)
Joe LesinaMaker@joelesina · CMO —
Hey Hunters! We're very excited to present Love & Robots; a new type of design platform for the digital age of products. We have developed technology that can produce and manufacture exciting new products that are customisable, 3d printed, locally-made, gamified and manufactured on-demand. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Joe 💜&👾
Habert@quent1h · CDO Program Manager @L'Oréal
This app is so great! It's what I have been searching for months! I love it and I could work for you for free if you were in France ;)
Emer O'DalyMaker@emerodaly · co-founder, CEO, Love & Robots
@quent1h Hey Quentin, good to hear what you think! Any further thoughts/feedback most welcome! You can reach us on
Al Mackin@almackin · Founder
Passionate team and great tech/products. They're producing wonderful things now, and very excited to see where this journey takes them.
Emer O'DalyMaker@emerodaly · co-founder, CEO, Love & Robots
@almackin Cheers Al! :)
Giuliano Iacobelli@giuliano84 · Co-Founder, Stamplay
Go @emerodaly! Keep it up on changing the fashion accessory industry!