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Good news for all the nature nerds 🌍! Love Nature is a new 4K wildlife and nature video streaming service that's launching in 32 countries.
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Hey! Here's a preview video that should give everyone a feel for the content on Love Nature:
The service is launching today in 32 countries on AppleTV, AndroidTV, Amazon FireTV, Roku, Samsung, XBox360 and on the web. If you're in the US, you'll see a link to check out the service through our partners at Smithsonian Earth (https://smithsonianearthtv.com/). We'll be launching in Canada soon! Sign up for our newsletter (http://hub.lovenature.com/fun-fa...) for an early heads up when we do :)
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@jbefored Congrats Jesse - this is looking great!
Netflix for nature lovers - oxymoron?
Just got a 4k TV --- using this ASAP
This looks really cool, I think my dad will enjoy this a lot. Any plans to launch this in India? If so, when?
@goelv yes, very soon. Stay tuned