Love for the Elderly

Send kind letters to elderly folks without family

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This is great! I wrote a letter there. I like that their focus is on handwritten mail. That's a nice way to be personalized even if the receiver of the letter is still anonymous.
I dig it. Older adults are lonely and it's killing them as fast as obesity and smoking. Great cause. Hope it does well. #handwrittenisthenewtyped #snailmailisthenewemail #elderlyarethenewteens #seniortech4life
this is so cool and so important. was just talking to @marcieatstitch and some people who run an accelerator w/ products and companies geared towards older people. cc @BrianCurliss from mail lift - handwritten mail is definitely cooler esp. for older folks.
@eriktorenberg Brian was just telling me about this. The whole team at MailLift wants to spend an afternoon writing letters! You want to join us, Erik? :)
The world needs more of these. Well done.
Such a wonderful idea!