How to build products people love and be happy doing it

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Brian de Haaff
Brian de HaaffMaker@bdehaaff · CEO, Aha!
It is great to see Lovability posted here by the community. It already hit a #1 bestseller in three Amazon categories and that is humbling. We wrote the book to share an alternative narrative to the growth-at-all-costs and try to raise stupid amounts of money while losing even more storyline that dominates Silicon Valley and other technology hotbeds today. I personally interviewed hundreds of leading CEOs, product managers, and other innovators at companies you know. Their stories are consistent with what we have learned -- love is the surprising emotion that can no longer be ignored in business. You can take a human-centric approach to building products and companies and still experience phenomenal growth and profitability. We are doing it at Aha! If that sounds like the path you have been looking for we think you will enjoy and benefit from the book. Let us know.
KerryBodle@liquidchickenqq · Founder: Failing Quickly and Often
Sounds like something I could use after my recent semi-flop of a launch!
Brian de Haaff
Brian de HaaffMaker@bdehaaff · CEO, Aha!
@liquidchickenqq Yes. Likely. My guess is that you probably would have thought differently about what you were building and how to build it from the beginning. At least that is what we were trying to do with the book. I would be interested in your thoughts if you do decide to read it.