Free concert tickets with one click

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A friend launched this – it's an easy/fun way to get free concert tickets in major cities. Cool idea.
Hi everyone and thanks @justpw for posting us! We built Loudie to make the concert discovery process much more engaging. Our goal was to allow our users to really get what it feels like to go to any artists concerts. We do this by: 1. Giving our users free tickets to select concerts in their area! 2. Aggregating videos from past concerts that you couldn’t go to. Now you will never miss a concert again! Please let us know your feedback or any questions you may have. Ps. The free tickets are currently available for shows daily in Los Angeles, Orange County (CA), San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Denver, Nashville and NYC. (DC very soon). Go get some tickets!! *You need to login to the app to see the free tickets
Here's a great example: Years & Years performed on Tuesday, January 27 at Rough Trade NYC http://www.loudie.com/shows/1099645
@ajayjapan very clean easy to use app. Love the name!
@derickdowns Thanks! The UI is a work in progress. Any feedback is welcome. :)
Really looking forward to using this. Great team, cool product.