Loud Links

A simple tiny Javascript library to add interaction sounds

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I'm so torn on this. :( On one hand, great! More interaction cues. On the other hand, I'm having flashbacks of Flash websites and obnoxious MIDI loops...
@andymci imagine using it for web games, and maybe web mobile applications.
Cool idea but you'd probably get more traction with some useful scenarios too? The cat gif/noise combo turned me off pretty badly...have you thought about putting up some accessibility scenarios or more subtle things? Sounds great but only when used nicely....
@senkowm yeah there are many useful scenarios, I thought by putting some funny stuff people would like it more. It could be used in many things, like web games, easter eggs & many other things. I'll try to include better examples. Thanks for the feedback Michael, I appreciate it.
This is perfect for in-app messaging. Sounds are so underused on the web)
@ramtorn yeah, maybe this will make it easier for people to start implementing sounds. Thanks for the support Dan :)
haha hovering and clicking the links on the site made me jump! Even works on cat gifs!
@bentossell haha glad to hear that ๐Ÿ˜
I'm so using this to make pug noises on a website I am making.
@jerbellefeuille haha please share the link with me when you do