Interactive tutorials for effortless HubSpot onboarding

LOU builds interactive tutorials for effortless Hubspot onboarding. Don't waste time teaching new employees everything manually: let LOU do it for you. ✨

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This is awesome. Nice work!!
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Oh man... I LOVE the design and I wish it was a tool to help us create onboarding for our app! We have been looking for something as this for quite a while :(
@loaibassam Hey Leo! So glad you like LOU. We create custom interactive tutorials as well! Shoot me an email at rachel@louassist.com and we'll see if we can make it happen.
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Great job!! 😊Could this be used for courses and other training fields or is it mainly focussed on Hubspot?
@ayush_chandra Thank you! Our product can work with any platform on the web. Our first packages are for HubSpot, but we can create custom interactive tutorials for any website.
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