A calendar to help women’s track their menstrual cycle

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Did you know that a woman is only able to conceive on six days out of her entire cycle? Known as the fertile window, women can only get pregnant on the day of ovulation, or the five days immediately prior. Predicting your ovulation date and fertile window can be tricky, particularly if your cycle is irregular, but the body communicates certain patterns that can help clue you in on when you might be able to get pregnant. It is necessary to know your own fertile days, so Lotus app helps to keep track your periods! Functionalities: * Set personal menstruation cycle * Keep track periods for 12 month * Share information about your periods with your partner
@danagul_utel I know several men (mostly medical doctors) who track their spouses cycle. It's useful practice for men who want to avoid contraceptives, including condoms and any form of birth control.
@hassanriggs um. You know that's not reliable, right? 👶
I'm not your market of course, but what is the goal of this app?
@benjamin_powell the app is for women to keep track their periods and get to know about fertile days.
@benjamin_powell I guess, it will track your menstrual cycle
@benjamin_powell Some people buy ovulation tests in order to know their fertile days, but this app allows to predict those days, without using actual test. And, women usually want to know their fertile days, to get pregnant.
@raihasen well that makes perfect sense, I always assumed women just knew, but now I say that, I realise how stupid that actually is! I guess you can monetize this app with affiliate links to amazon, for all the appropriate items. I can't see any other way you would earn from the app...
What's different about your app than other menstrual cycle apps?
@nassaraf nope. I don't know that. I prefer not to use that method.