Canvas for drawing in real-time with others around the world

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Nice. How does this compare with Deekit 2.0?
With the upcoming iOS update that includes collaborative Notes, I wonder if the $1.99/month subscription for Lotus will seem worth it?
@paulpaino Good question! We tried out Notes for iOS 10 and while it does let multiple people change drawings, it doesn't appear to work in a real-time nature. With Lotus, you see the strokes and corrections at the same time as everyone else. It provides near-immediate feedback and we think it makes the experience that much closer to being in the same room together, and superior for work sessions.
Lotus is a creative canvas for drawing in real-time with others around the world. Build on each other's work, draw in different colors, and explore new ideas. Lotus recreates the experience of being in the same room, huddled around the same whiteboard.
This is so weird—same name and same logo as the restaurant next door to my house!!
omg finally iOS with Pencil functionality I hope? How's the latency?