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LottaTools is a collection of free tools that run directly in your browser. Stop uploading your files to random servers for common digital tasks. The first batch of tools deals with PDFs. More tools to come!
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Many tools like this are available online, but this is a very straight forward & free alternative.


- Free! - Plenty of tools to choose from - Quick conversion


None yet

Hello PH. There are hundreds of sites that will perform various digital tasks (editing PDFs, converting file types, compressing files) for free by uploading your files to their server. New browser technology makes it possible to perform these tasks directly in the browser. Thus, LottaTools was created as a more secure alternative. The first batch includes all PDF tools. Future tools could include: video/image converters, file compressors, video players. Let me know if you have suggestions! Each tool offers unlimited access. If you find one useful, consider donating to further development efforts.
@jaysmooth Nice idea. Just curious if you are planning to open source the project.
@srikanth_srungarapu Thanks! I plan on open sourcing the WebAssembly ports I created which are used by the tools. I will try to remember to report back here when I do.
@jaysmooth curious what this is based on? PDF.js, pdfium or something else?
@daniellevine It uses WebAssembly ports of pdfium, qpdf, imagemagick, and tesseract.