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Hello lovely people. We're 3 dads and an uncle. Trying to make to make a book/gift that doesn't make you less smart. Trying.
Hey @tzvister. Creative idea. I imagine some kids would be delighted to see their name in the story. Naturally, I ask: What's the story behind Lostmy.name?
This is perfect. Ordering one right now. The way this will THRILL my four year old has me stupid excited.
I ordered one of these lovely books at Christmas and I can vouch for the quality of the final product. My son is still a bit too young for it yet, but I'm convinced he'll love it when he's old enough to enjoy it.
Thanks @rrhoover interesting question. We think in a way, it is our story (all of us entrepreneurs). The road ahead is unknown, the way the achieve your goal is to determinably walk the unknown path. On the way, we'll meet a bunch of scary at first creatures, but, don't let that stop you. they're actually just wants to have some fun too. :)