Super quick lossless cutting of video and audio files

LosslessCut is a simple cross-platform tool for lossless trimming / cutting of video and audio files. Great for rough processing of large raw videos from a video camera, drone or GoPro. Lets you quickly extract the good parts and discard gigabytes of data. Uses ffmpeg to do the grunt work.

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Nice - could be useful when I don't have access to my primary software, such as when I'm out of office.
Does it work on Mac ? would be nice to stop opening Premiere Pro cc 2017 each time we need to do a cut :)
@a_sky It is cross-platform and works on Mac, Windows and Linux
@a_sky @mifi A fade to black would be a nice addition. Thank you for such a useful product.
@a_sky @androidlove Hi, this would not be a lossless operation so it will probably not be implemented
Nice and easy tool 👍
Works well on my Mac. Has anyone made something like this work on AWS Lambda to extract video clips and take video stills? This approach would be quick if it doesn't need to decode and re-encode. The source videos would be stored and re-saved into S3.
Made my day! Takk, nå kan jeg endelig begynne å faktisk redigere drone videoene mine :D