Lose It!

Snap a photo of your food to get nutritional facts

Lose It! is an app that gets nutritional information right from the pictures you take of your food.

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Would love to try it, but forced Sign up is an instant delete for me. Sorry guys.
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@jeanpaulh your comment made me not even try. Thanks for warning me :-)
@jeanpaulh This product looks interesting, but your comment is a great reminder that we made the right sign-up decision for our product!
@jeanpaulh Forced as in it asked for information before I signed into the app?
Honestly, this is probably the best link on PH today. The technology looks amazing, and on par with the type of ML that the big tech giants are working on. In terms of user scenario--this really hits the spot! Very well executed--it'll be great to see where the product heads to next, and what integrations are coming up (ie: FitBit, HealthKit, etc.)
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Hey Product Hunt! The @loseit team is excited to introduce Snap It, the first-ever, consumer-ready, food photo analysis and tracking feature to hit the market. Snap It uses some of today’s most advanced image recognition technology to deliver the best consumer food tracking experience in the world. Snap It makes food tracking as easy as taking a picture. Simply upload a photo to Lose It! and Snap It will suggest foods it identifies, along with the calorie count and nutritional information, removing the #1 reason dieters quit tracking: the burden associated with logging meals. How Snap It Beta works today: * Open the Lose It! app and select a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack) * Snap a picture of your meal * Snap It will analyze your photo of the meal and provide food suggestions based on what it sees * Users can then provide additional specifics for their photos. For example, if a user takes a photo of sushi, he or she can adjust the entry to indicate it was a salmon avocado roll or made with brown rice instead of white rice * Select serving size * Confirm and meal is logged Snap It’s deep learning framework will learn and improve as users access the feature. Lose It!’s experience working with millions of users who track their food and exercise has given us unique access to data and insight that we can directly apply to make Snap It better. As these users begin using Snap It Beta, this dataset will grow dramatically and our ability to make useful, accurate and smart predictions from photos will continue to improve. Our goal is to evolve Snap It to a place where it can automatically recognize the specific foods, nutritional values and portion sizes in a photo. Learn more at www.loseit.com/snapit
@epuidokas @loseit This looks great! Haven't downloaded yet, but from looking at the website, at least. Do you guys have icons for every food type?! 😱
Check Snap It by Lose It!, the first-ever food photo analysis and tracking feature to hit the market.
how specifically can it track candy? Like, can it tell how many Twizzlers are stuck together or will it count it as one? Asking for a friend.