Losant Kiln

The fastest way to build APIs for IoT applications

Losant's platform provides all the building blocks to build complex IoT solutions. Losant Kiln is the experience block. After connecting thousands of devices in the cloud, Kiln is the easiest and quickest way to develop a custom experience on top of your IoT applications. Kiln produces fully functional, serverless APIs.

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Cheers all. I’m one of the co-founders of Losant. It’s great to share Kiln with the Product Hunt community. This new release is all about enabling developers with the easiest way to create an API for an Internet of Things application. We’ve built this tool for engineers, like ourselves. Our goal is to help you provide the best possible experience for your customers and users. We made Kiln to provide you a tool to do this. If you want to dive in, check out our in-depth guide on it - https://docs.losant.com/experien.... Thanks for checking out our platform. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Well, what are you waiting for? Go build something. :)
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What are the kinds of applications people can build on top of this?
@jefielding Great question. We're seeing a variety of different applications built on the platform. However, a huge chunk the solutions are based around industrial use cases. Specifically, we have a number of customers using Losant to monitor, maintain, and manage assets and equipment in the field. This includes tracking asset location and what is happening with those assets. In addition to our industrial customers we have enterprises building smart office solutions, consumer products, smart factories, and more.
Love watching you guys kick ass and take names! ROCK IT!
Kick ass product. So easy to use and get set up on. Great work.