Losant IoT Platform

Build and visualize real-time IoT solutions with ease.

Losant's platform provides all the building blocks to build complex IoT solutions. Connect and manage millions of devices. Collect, aggregate, and understand data from disparate sources. Build complex business logic with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Bring connected solutions to market faster, reliably, and more securely with Losant.

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Hi everyone. I’m really excited to share Losant with the Product Hunt community. I’m Charlie, CEO and Co-founder. For years I’ve loved the idea of building connected hardware solutions. I grew up playing with computers, software, and electronics. After college I got back into hacking on random hardware but quickly fell out of the groove. Why? Well, because building a fully connected solution is hard and the ecosystem is fragmented. We’re building Losant to help solve this and more. You can read more about why I am helping build this great company on Medium here: http://bit.ly/20JgbOO We’re giving away a plethora of free hardware kits, as well. This will help you get started building your own connected world. Thanks from the entire team for checking us out. We love all feedback and feel free to ask any questions. We’ll also be hosting an AMA interview on Blab at 4pm ET today so please stop in to chat there as well.
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@zwigby Love to have everyone continue the LIVE Q&A on @blab today at 4pm ET! Here's a link https://blab.im/structure-struct...
Thanks everyone for the great dialogue in @zwigby & @TheReddest LIVE Q&A on @blab. Watch the replay here. https://blab.im/structure-struct...
Solid team (the guys who made Modulus) solving a massive problem. Congrats on the launch guys. @zwigby - can you share a generic use case that you hope to deliver a commercial opportunity for? ie: in manufacturing, structure could be used to ___ ...
@stevecaldwell Excellent question. The platform itself isn't restricted in any way from being used for any potential use case. With that said, we're actively working with several industrial companies. One potential use case would be using Structure to track power consumption of manufacturing machines on the factory floor. This would allow the company to predict maintenance issues and potentially save significant money on long term energy use. The platform can easily be used to not only pull in the data from the power sensors but also the current cost of electricity. A sample dashboard and workflow for this might look like this, . Happy to dive in more as well. We've written about several potential use cases on our site at, https://losant.com/use-cases.
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I saw a ton of developers working with Structure at an IOT Hack Night recently and was really impressed. I'm excited to see where this company goes.
@seanmccosh It was an awesome night! We learned so much by just watching people use it. Made several UX tweaks as a result. We wrote about the hacknight here: https://www.getstructure.io/blog...
Used it yesterday for the virtual button, super impressed. Was easy to figure out and follow along. Nice work!
@jakeboyles thanks Jake! Looked like you were pretty swift on completing the tutorial. ☺ Glad it was easy to use!
@todd_henderson had to get in there early for one of those kits :)
@jakeboyles I have to agree the tutorial really made it. As startup devs, we get so many "try my app/platform/api" requests, but part of the reason I tried it was the smooth onboarding with the 5-minute intro. At first glance it felt to me like "Zapier for Things" plus a little more. The platform is surprisingly polished for a first release and I'm excited to see where it goes.
The internet of things is progressing quickly. Investment by large companies such as Intel is one sign. I really believe Structure is addressing the true baseline barriers to IoT. First, the education barrier, by giving away builder kits they can educate their audience about the tremendous impact that IoT can have. Secondly, the drag-and-drop platform reduces the barrier allowing anyone to build actual hardware solutions. Here is a preview of the interface if you haven't already checked out.