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Hello Product Hunt, @fedecasas and I are very excited to launch Loro to the PH community 😺 Loro is an app that allows you to send & receive relevant push notifications. Think PH Sip at scale. (More on this below) We started working on Loro after the huge earthquake that hit Mexico last year. That's when we realized communication was broken. Email was too slow and people didn't read it, group chats were too noisy and with social you had to proactively search for information and most it was irrelevant. With LORO we are trying to help you receive what is truly relevant to you. We believe notifications are a product, not a feature. Here are two examples of how the product works. Let’s say you invest in our company, and then subscribe to our Loro Channel to get updates. You decide to opt-in to our milestones and opt-out of our weekly update. When we send a milestone, you get a notification, when we send a weekly update, you don’t. Or Imagine you are subscribed to the PH SIP channel in Loro but you are only interested in receiving notifications about acquisitions. By only opting into “Acquisitions” you would never receive a notifications about “Funding” or “New Products”. Making the notifications you receive 100% relevant to you Channels could be anything from yoga studios making class announcements, to music festivals notifying you about promos in the merch tent, blogs sending your their weekly newsletter to artists notifying you about new music and fantasy notifications to pick up a player, among many other use cases. For more check out these channels: -Tech News - YC Startup School As a PH PROMO we are offering to create a vanity website for your channel (like the ones showed above). Please send us an email at antonio@myloro.com to claim yours! We will be answering questions all day, so just ask! Feedback is more than welcome. Have a great day, we hope you find some money in an old jacket pocket. 😃
@fedecasas @myloro @tono_mb Hi team. I am brainstorming how Loro could be used in an educational setting. One question I have is whether or not there is any browser/OS notification integration. i.e., In addition to pushing a notification out to an iPhone or Android, could we also push them out to users via chrome?
@fedecasas @myloro @ghundermark YES, notifications could eventually be pushed out to users with a chrome integration. The feature is part of our roadmap, but we hadn't thought of the educational use case, what did you have in mind?. Another feature from the roadmap that might be interesting to brainstorm around is, we plan to open up the API in the future. So that people can create applications and push out their relevant notifications through Loro.
@fedecasas @myloro @tono_mb Every kid in our district has a MacBook 24/7, but not all of our kids have mobile devices. Chrome notifications would account for those cases.
@fedecasas @myloro @ghundermark Interesting, I will definitely look into this, thanks!
@myloro @tono_mb @ghundermark Thanks Greg! This feedback really helps.
Interesting idea, looking forward to trying it!
@jennifer_marquard please do! If you have any feedback after, please let me know.
Nice idea! So much noise out there but still have FOMO some of content. Can I subscribe to all newsletters through MyLoro or they must have a channel created on the app? :) mucha suerte!
@itzel_yrev They must have a channel created for you to be able to subscribe to them.

Can’t wait for more people to use it so there’s more channels woth different topics


My audience reads my posts and on the other hand, I get to read what usually gets lost in the middle of so many other posts and emails


No cons

Great work guys!
@david_pena Thanks!! if you have any feedback please let us know.