Lorem F*cking Ipsum

Placeholder text for people who have some f*cking passion!

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We all know the secret to upvotes is putting 'Fucking' in the title - but, F*ck it! This is actually a pretty cool lorem alternative
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@bentossell lol! Love it. Don't think I could use this for my full-time gig, since our clients are all lawyers... but I'll try it out internally, f*ck it 😂
I envy those of you who work in an environment where you can use this in your designs.
I F*cking love this
Ahah, those are always welcome, but my favorite is still "bacon ipsum" ^^ (except when I'm hungry) Request for product: an alternative lorem ipsum generator that randomly uses output from all lorem ipsum alternatives.
@oelmekki Cool idea. Lorem ipsum aggregator
@oelmekki - Lorem fucking bacon ipsum™ (Spock)
I love shit like this. For placeholder images I suggest fillmurray.com good stuff