Lord Henry Watches

Customizable vintage watch with 2 styles for every occasion

The Lord Henry unique & unisex case design can be customized: you choose your dial and case colors, with two kinds of interchangeable straps (Perlon & Leather). Combination of a vintage design with a modern concept, the name Lord Henry is a tribute to the inspiring story of the British Lord who discovered Cannes, founder's hometown, in 1834.

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David Blat
Founder - Lord Henry Watches
Hello everyone I'm David, the founder of Lord Henry Watches. Thanks a lot for the Hunt ! I'm indeed currently on Kickstarter, for 12 more days as I'm writing and almost entirely funded ! I started this beautiful adventure from scratch, and created my brand from the ground up more than two years ago now. I self-financed a first collection (a few hundred pieces), sold-out on my website in 2016. I really wanted to offer a high quality watch with material and components usually used for watches way more expensive than that, also all hand-made operations (the full assembly process) is done by experienced watchmakers in France. You choose your dial and cases colors and add two different kind of straps. The watch itself is very elegant with a lot of "character": domed sapphire glass, honeycomb textured dial etc. The watch also encases a pretty cool story (explaining why the name "Lord Henry") I let your discover ! I personally really "felt in love" with Perlon straps and wanted to offer a watch with two distinct personalities. You can very easily / quickly swapped your perlon straps to match your watch your outfit, but also change the style of your watch with a full-grain italian leather strap when needed. I remain at your disposal if needed and wish you guys a beautiful weekend ! David
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