Local photo sharing within 9 miles around you! πŸ“πŸ“·

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Sounds interesting, i will try it!
Color tried to do it. And they had 41 million dollars to play with and still didn't make it. Why do you think this can be different?
@bulleitandcoke Color is different from Lopic. I asked people I know and discussed the idea before even working on it, people loved it so I gave it a try. Now we will see, what do you think about it?
What if the radius was based on population density? Or users in a radius... so results were dynamically limited to the 100 closest users?
@andrewminchew that's actually a good idea, i'll see when I have more users. Thanks for commenting!
@bachtarysevsaid sure thing! Not sure how much work it would be, but you might consider implementing sooner than later. If there's no users within 9 miles, community will look dead. If it's nearest X number of users, every user would see activity immediately, then as community grew, each users timeline would become more targeted on their immediate geography.
Lopic is a fun way of sharing photos, instead of sharing it with your followers you share it with users within a 9.32 mile radius around you. Swipe right to like, left to skip. Per like you get a point. You can also make new friends and chat. Someone adding you as a friend gets you 10 points. There is a popular page that ranks users that are within a 9.32 mile radius according to their points. Lopic wants to connect you with people around you. Know what is going on in your city. I chose 9.32 mile radius because that is roughly a radius for a average city if you stand in the middle of it. I'm open to any suggestions or comments.
I think this is a great idea but it's more challenging than ever. We are now in a world where consumers value their internet privacy more than ever. So users don't have GPS on as much anymore unless they specifically need to, and users may be less inclined to share the location of their images, and therefore their whereabouts. Does this current privacy trend worry you with the future of your app?
@theashtube I don't really worry about it, if people like the app they will allow Lopic to use it's location. But it doesn't say anywhere on the post where it is taken, you just know the posts are from within a 9.32 mile radius of you.
@bachtarysevsaid thanks Said. Sounds like you have the main concerns covered. Look forward to hearing more about it over time!