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I ran into these guys at ToyFair in NYC last week - they cited some pretty impressive subscription numbers, so maybe they are the ones who will make this work?
Sweet. I've seen a couple of these before over the years. They definitely make great gifts. Gamers tend to be pretty particular which is probably why none of these have ever "made it."
I hope so. The founder reached out to me and shared some of those numbers as well. Looks like they weathered the subscription box storm and came out on the other side. I love his story, hoping it'll get shared with the world!
I'm pretty sure they're picking up right now. It's not just the re-targeting chasing me, it's real chatter all over. Every month I see what the crate had, wish i had registered in time to get it and do it all over for this month. Check out the "Princess bride playing cards" - Love it!