Get paid for completing social tasks for brands

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Thanks for checking out Loot! today everybody. I'll be around all day to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate PH's support!
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@osakasaul Awesome thanks! And like Max said, anybody who signs up today we are adding $50 to their budget!
@nickatloot Thanks, and kindly dial-in RiteTag on that?
@osakasaul we will definitely add $50 to your campaign budget! Thanks for signing up.
Fun idea. And fun to see @danerobert continue to hack and innovate around the social rewards space.
@danerobert This looks wonderful I just signed up as an advertiser.
@danerobert, can you tell us more about the space, your experiments within it, and what you've learned?
@eriktorenberg What excites me most about Loot! is that it 1. leads with mobile and 2. focuses on content creation. Much like Wahooly, we give users compensation for simple social activities, but the approach is much different. Two of the bigger challenges with Wahooly were a lack of instant gratification (equity compensation vs. cash) and sustainable engagement. Loot! focuses on task oriented campaigns that are simple to accomplish and extremely valuable to the users/brands. I very much view it as Mechanical Turk for social tasks (memes, photos, social content creation, etc.) We're seeing a lot of potential in crowdsourcing really interesting content for publishers. For example, we ran a campaign recently that asked users to share a screen shot of their home screen. With 3,800 submissions, we can now analyze that data to determine what the most popular apps are by placement from a fairly substantial sample size. We'll be teaming up with publications to create stories using user-generated images/data. Helping with app downloads/engagement is another area of focus. We just partnered with NativeX, which will be launching in the next couple of days. Overall, whether it's a startup or fortune 500, there is a potential use/application for our product.
Cool idea! I'd look into adding some clear CTA on the home page.
@dparrelli we are definitely adding one! We actually just started using LinkSense, which let's us use one smart link to direct users to our Android, iOS and web app based on which device said user is on when they click. Pretty awesome product.
@dparrelli just wanted to let you know we added a CTA to our home page using one of our smart links because of your feedback! Thanks for helping us out.