Loose Leaves for Mac

Instantly share what you write in Markdown

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Loose Leaves for Mac lets you instantly create lightweight, beautiful, hosted pages from the Markdown you write. Just select the Markdown you want to share, use the keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘C), and you instantly get back a secure link you can pass around. I built this because all of my writing starts in Markdown, but when I want to share what I write in Slack or Trello, there aren't any good options. It kills me to paste into a Google Doc or a Gist when I just want a simple link with a clean page that looks good on desktop and mobile. Loose Leaves does that. This is the first public release, so I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer!
@jesselamb Congrats on the long-awaited launch!
Congrats on releasing Jesse! Initially from the beta I was thinking of using Loose Leaves primarily for posts though I love the idea of easily sharing to Slack/Trello. Often times I write notes & documentation in the TextEdit app then share with teammates. This may be an interesting replacement. How else have beta testers used it? Are you already working on an update? If so, any hints for what to expect?
@calc Thanks Chris! Two big surprises from the beta: ( 1 ) People shared longform drafts, like entire chapters of books for feedback from peers. Loose Leaves was useful because their manuscript was in Markdown, so it was great for quickly sharing a section without resorting to a PDF export, or worse. ( 2 ) One user regularly used Loose Leaves as a replacement for slides in meetings and presentations. That use case never occurred to me. They may have been mirroring from their phone, so the text was nice and big and they could easily scroll as they spoke. I'm not sure. As far as the future, the backlog is pretty deep right now, going to see how the first few weeks shake out before deciding what to focus on next. If anything comes to you, I'd love to hear it!
@jesselamb Well, now that you mention it, one thing would be a keyboard shortcut / integration to go directly to a Slack channel - a luxury more than a need.
@calc I'm been waffling between doing that on the LL side or as an integration. Feels like the nicest thing would be if like you go to the channel you want and type /lastleaf or something....