Loose Leaf

Gesture based brainstorming

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This is a pretty impressive app that was designed and developed by one-man team, Adam Wulf. I like how it uses intuitive gestures to allow for easy sketching, note-taking, and asset manipulation. I'm more of a pen and paper kind of guy, but I'm stoked to try this out.
Thanks! Lots more coming soon too, adding iPhone support, new features, appreciate any feedback!
Anyone else notice he sends the product ideas page to Tim Cook? Nice easter egg there :) Looks like an awesome product, looking forward to trying it out!
@cmrberry Ha! It made my day when i read this - very few people I've ever shown that video to caught that little joke - Let's hope he got the memo and their new car is a flying one as well :)
I see you're documenting the dev process – a blog, vine, twitter, etc. It's pretty awesome that you're transparent & I'm sure it would help other devs. From a "content marketing" standpoint, are you seeing this content pay off? Any tips for getting good content like this in front of eyeballs?
@buckwilson @adamwulf I'm always interested in how the building in public process goes and what you're getting out of it. Also love the look of Loose leaf, looks like you've executed this really well Adam.
@buckwilson @fredrivett Thanks! I completely agree about the public development process - If there's one lesson i learned from minecraft and the explosion of indie games the past years, it's how important open dev and community are for the little guy. It comes at a price though, I spend a surprising amount of time on each blog post - just having a blog isn't enough, but spending the time for quality posts. But the dev time I give up to spend on the content side has been well worth it.
@buckwilson @adamwulf I so feel your pain. We're doing the same at wearecontrast.com and we time track every post, and post a snippet at the end sharing how long the post took. It can be embarrassing but it's good to be transparent even about how long blogging takes!
Just a heads up: Loose Leaf is free this weekend only! If you'd held off downloading, this is your chance :)