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Nevin Jethmalani
Nevin JethmalaniMaker@nevinjethmalani · Co-Founder & CEO, Looq
Hey Product Hunt! Shopping on mobile today is a terrible experience and conversion rates are extremely low. Looq was built to make shopping seamless. Shoppers choose from over 40 retailers like Tory Burch, Forever 21, and J. Crew to personalize their feed and explore the latest news from brands. All the content on the app is a rich and shoppable experience. Customers are notified of new products from their favorite brands and can buy those products from the same page. A customer can shop a retailer’s entire product catalog, check out the latest styles, and discover brand promotions. Purchases are made using a single shopping cart and orders are fulfilled by each brand individually. We'd love for you to download the app and give us your feedback!
Jamie Akers
Jamie Akers@jamiequackers · QA Engineer and Geek, Hitachi
@nevinjethmalani Any plans for an Android or Windows Phone port of this? You're missing 60% of the mobile market share right now (source: Forbes http://fortune.com/2016/02/11/ap...)
Nevin Jethmalani
Nevin JethmalaniMaker@nevinjethmalani · Co-Founder & CEO, Looq
@jamiequackers Yes we are developing an android version and hope to launch it soon! Agreed, we are missing a large chunk without a version for Android and Windows Phone.
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall@marsh931
I like the way you've made those app store screenshots 👍
Nevin Jethmalani
Nevin JethmalaniMaker@nevinjethmalani · Co-Founder & CEO, Looq
@marsh931 thanks!
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller@millerboyz999 · GPShopper
How do you distinguish yourselves from Spring?
Nevin Jethmalani
Nevin JethmalaniMaker@nevinjethmalani · Co-Founder & CEO, Looq
@millerboyz999 We are focused on content. We drive a relationship between the shopper and the brands they are interested in. This helps increase conversion rates and reduce churn. Spring has designed their app to be like a digital department store. Our app opens to a feed of curated information that shoppers are interested in and has opted into seeing. In our opinion shopper's don't want another app where they can simply buy products. We offer that additional value add and layer of engagement to drive sales. That being said, we also offer shoppers the ability to shop a retailer's entire product catalog opposed to a small part of their inventory. Check it out! I would love to get your feedback.
Matthieu HELARY
Matthieu HELARY@matthieuhelary · Product Manager | Interdrinks
@nevinjethmalani How do you get all products from these merchants ? Scraping, API available for each merchants ? Did you make a partnership with each of them ?