Loopy Lists for iMessage

Co-create and share Lists real-time via iMessage

Hi all, Today Apple released iOS 10 which among many improvements converts Messages App into a platform. With iOS10 a new AppStore can be found inside Messages app with mini apps that bring either content (stickers) or functionality (productivity tools). This will be game changing as iMessages has now a potential to become a layer to support transactions and other value added interaction. I am the founder of the Loopy Collaboration Messenger and it's very gratifying to see AppStore editors feature our iMessage app around. Loopy Lists for iMessage brings a small subset of the functionality of Loopy for Telegram (our main collaboration product) however it proofs to be useful enough to get all this attention. Loopy Lists is collaboration over IM, you can share and co-create the grocery list within a chat, tasks, team goals, to-dos, etc... If you have any questions about Loopy for Telegram or Loopy for iMessage here I am to answer them. Enjoy Loopy ! :-)
Great concept! These iMessage apps are offering crazy possibilities and this is one of the most useful!
Love Loopy! I use the Telegram version so that I can send private messages, and manage my team from the road with to-do lists and team-wide memos. Don't know what I'd do without it!