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Love the execution but, have been holding back on purchasing because of my specific needs. Anyone else need (or wishing for) the same type of loops but with more subtle / slower rotations? Especially since it's the content we'd be placing inside that we really want to showcase. For example on slide 8 of 10 in the gallery above, I truly wished the iPad was angled to the top of the device face up and to the left (the way it looks now, up and to the left causes more neck strain to get a good look at the screen.) Also, it'd be great to get the tablet in both Landscape and Portrait Options. LAST. Just a quick question. Since these are PSD files I'm assuming the headphone layers on the iPhone mocks can be turned off?
@monirom Thanks :) We will think about it. Es, headphone layers on the iPhone mockup can be turned off.
Bring life into your project with unique live mockups. Use a great collection of smooth animated and perfect loops! Live mockups work with Photoshop and are very easy to use, just paste your artwork inside a Smartobject!
Hey Product Hunters That's animated mockups for your presentations, you can use them to create png/jpg sequences, videos or gifs. You need only Photoshop (CS6 Extended or CC+) to work with it And we have discount for you, use coupon code PH while checkout for 40% discount Check Presentation: https://lstore.graphics/looped/ Check All Previews:
Try Free Version: https://gumroad.com/l/KmmLz (type $0 to download for free) PS. Thanks Kevin for featuring us :)
@ruslan_latypov it's a good and useful product. Just wondered what's "Photohop" for a second and assured myself that it's a typo (Thanks to logo) :) Correct it if it doesn't effect the video views etc.,
@vamshi4001 Thank you. Sorry, not sure that I correctly understand. You need to have Photoshop CS6 Extended or CC+ to use mockups
@ruslan_latypov @vamshi4001 I believe he's referring to the the typo in the video above that says 'Photohop' instead of 'Photoshop'
@ruslan_latypov @vamshi4001 No problem :D Just quickly create a side product called 'Photohop' and you could cash in on the mistake!
This is awesome! Would it be possible to get it for Sketch?
@moonsted Thank you :) No, unfortunately, that's impossible to make it in Sketch
Hey everyone! :) Huge thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us.