Loop & Tie

Gifts that generate engagement, ROI and data 🎁 = πŸ€πŸ€‘πŸ“Š

With Loop & Tie, send 1 or 1,000 people their choice of gift without inputting a single address. Support independent craftsmen, delight your recipients with gifts they'll love, and save yourself some time!

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Cool, are all the products on it made by independent creators? Seems like a cool way to support independent makers whilst getting something the best gift ever :D
@aaronoleary they sure are! We source all of our gifts from U.S. makers, and our collections are constantly updated thanks to the curation effort of a few team members with killer taste (looking at you, Micaela).
Looks like a very cool product. Plus anything @thoughtmerchant works on is spectacular.
@anthony_gold @armanddp Thank you gents! (seen with a giant smile)

The platform is super slick and I can track all my gifting in one tool. Allowing people to choose their own gifts makes it really memorable experience for them.


Great product selection, super easy to use. I use if for family, friends and corporate gifting


I need more money to spend on gifts

Looove this team and idea :) How fast can you send out the gifts?!
@stephbags you can send gifts immediately to beat the buzzer on any last-minute gift events or schedule gifts to hit your recipients' inboxes at just the right moment. Pro tip: with our Zapier integration you can automate and trigger gift sends, which unlocks cool abilities such as sending gifts when an enterprise client finishes a demo or a season ticket holder renews their seats.

They don't show the price level you've chosen to the recipient which is wonderful, the recipient just receives a note and a link to a beautiful collection of thoughtfully curated gifts so it's very smooth socially as well. This is the perfect thing for almost anyone, a just-because gift for your Mom or the perfect thing for the family members or friends who are hard to shop for . My aunt likes novelty so I send her a Loop & Tie every year on her birthday, just because it's such a fun game for her choosing what she wants.


Easy, streamlined, Uber for sending gifts, amazing UX.


Nothing! I love it.