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Emailing for teams: Organize your Inbox into channels 💌

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2018

Loop brings team messaging to your inbox so you and your team can email and chat from one app.

This desktop and mobile app works with your Gmail, Outlook or any Office365 account. It's available for Mac OS, Windows and iOS with the Android app coming soon.

Install Loop, connect it with your existing inbox and start messaging with your team!

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  • Pros: 

    Slick app which works very well across my phone and desktop


    Some advanced users features still in development

    Loving the fact I can have one place to check my emails and messages. Obviously with this there are some advanced features still not there, but I can live with this given I now only have one place to search for all my stuff

    Ben Crouch has used this product for one month.
  • Mateja Sefman
    Mateja SefmanHead of digital marketing

    Clean UI, cool combined Inbox


    Android not out jet.

    Love how I can triage messages and emails in the same inbox. The files tab for every channel is a gem. Looping in a team is so powerful when I need help with my responses to clients. The bot is still under construction but he's getting some cool skills soon!

    Mateja Sefman has used this product for one month.


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Jernej Pavlič
Jernej PavličMaker@jernej_pavlic · Head of Growth at Loop
Hi Product Hunt, thank you for showing interest in our product and thank you @bramk for hunting us! We’ve spent the last 2 years innovating how businesses could collaborate on email. Our core team has worked on several products that solve collaboration problems for more than 10 years now and we’re proud to announce our newborn: Loop. Loop is an app where you and your colleagues can connect and collaborate easily within your inbox. It automatically sorts your emails into channels - where you can chat directly or have team conversations. Imagine having all your correspondence with a client stored in their channel automatically - including all attachments sorted there as well. Businesses that use email everyday now have an opportunity to work with their colleagues straight out of their inbox - without the need for additional messaging apps. Here is how the Loop experience is different: * you get to quickly see all emails and files exchanged with a contact in their respective channels * you get to chat with people right next to your inbox * you can share emails with colleagues and teams and have private chat discussions about them * you can create team channels and store all team conversations in one place * you can triage through unread emails and chat messages in our Loop Inbox If that's still not enough, we have: * the app available on mobile for iOS and Windows and MAC OS for desktop * the app works both ways - our two way sync includes flagged/starred content * the app is FREE and always will be for personal use Check out our story in this article by our CEO, Bostjan Bregar: https://goo.gl/xuk9M4 Keep in mind that this is the first version of Loop - we intend to use the feedback from Product Hunt to prioritize our roadmap, so please let us know what you think in the comments section! All the best, Jerry Head of Growth at Loop
Edouard Guerle Aoki
Edouard Guerle Aoki@edouard_guerle_aoki · Education business
@jernej_pavlic seems nice! "the app available on mobile for iOS and Windows and MAC OS for desktop" Any Linux version on the roadmap? i thought it would be a web app (-> Chrome...)
Jernej Pavlič
Jernej PavličMaker@jernej_pavlic · Head of Growth at Loop
@edouard_guerle_aoki we have a linux version as well in beta! DM me your email and i'll send it over to you today.
Jernej Pavlič
Jernej PavličMaker@jernej_pavlic · Head of Growth at Loop
@bramk @omkar_subramaniam we decided to first optimize the experience for the desktop and the iOS app. We actually already developed the first version of the Android app, but stopped it until we really optimize the iOS experience. It's coming by the end of the year! Meanwhile you can use the Windows or Mac OS version for your desktop or laptop.
Tjaš.@sobocanovatjasa · Enthusiastic social entrepreneur
Great to see you here! Our team has been Loop-ing for about a month and we agree that this tool is really cool! The team communicates faster and more efficient, especially through Loop-In, where you avoid Fwd mails here and there. Let's Loop!
Jernej Pavlič
Jernej PavličMaker@jernej_pavlic · Head of Growth at Loop
@sobocanovatjasa thank you 🙏
Owen Far
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Mastering Web Development
Looks cool. I'm curious, how are you planning to monetize this product? I wouldn't mind using it as an alternative right now, just because it's free. Will you use ads or create some kind of different tier levels for different features?
Jernej Pavlič
Jernej PavličMaker@jernej_pavlic · Head of Growth at Loop
@owenfar1 Thanks for asking! Our business model will be license based subscriptions, where every user will have to pay a monthly subscription for premium features. We're keeping Loop free for personal usage but users will have to pay for premium business collaboration features. You can read more about our business plans here: https://www.intheloop.io/blog/lo... Happy to help if you have any more questions!
Owen Far
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Mastering Web Development
@jernej_pavlic Awesome, thanks for letting us know! Btw, Really nice presentation and user-experience, wish you all the best!
Matej Hacin
Matej Hacin@matej_hacin1
Makes email fun. Simple as that.
Thiago de Carvalho
Thiago de Carvalho@thiagoafram · Founder @ Deer Designer
Upvoted! When is Android coming?
Jernej Pavlič
Jernej PavličMaker@jernej_pavlic · Head of Growth at Loop
@thiagoafram we are already working on the Android app, it's coming at the end of this year. I hope the desktop apps for Mac and Windows will help you wait until then 😉