Loop Earplugs

Avoid hearing loss without looking like a dork

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Loop is a new earplug for music that reduces decibels and looks fantastic. By combining a 3D-printed acoustic channel and filter for natural sound in five hot colors, Loop lets wearers avoid hearing loss without looking like a dork. Wear them at concerts, events and clubs. Sign up now and get 10% off when we launch.

  • Dieter Byttebier
    Dieter Byttebierfounder Books in Belgium

    Earplugs that do their job and look surprisingly cool


    Sometimes I forget to bring them

    Bought these about 6 months ago, always happy to put them in, they do their job but I especially love that they look good. Though sometimes I forget to bring them lol

    Dieter Byttebier has used this product for one year.
  • Jerome ROCHE
    Jerome ROCHEunstoppable enabler

    Perfect design and effect


    do not wear them more than 8 hours

    I have been using the first version of loop since about a year and I can only say wonderful things about it. Just perfect, size, perfect effect, perfect design.

    Jerome ROCHE has used this product for one year.
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Rutger Bevers
Rutger Bevers@rutgerbevers
I suffer from tinnitus, it sucks. I'm excited to see these guys making good looking ear plugs so hopefully when I recommend friends to wear ear plugs they'll actually do it. Also, it would be nice if party/concert organisers would turn the volume down.
Dimitri Oo
Dimitri OoMaker@dim130 · Co-founder @Loopearplugs
Couldn't agree more @rutgerbevers.
Dimitri Oo
Dimitri OoMaker@dim130 · Co-founder @Loopearplugs
Hi everyone, Did you know that one out of three young adults risk hearing damage due to loud music at concerts, events and clubs? Despite frequent awareness campaigns, only 15% wear earplugs. My co-founder Maarten and I belonged to the remaining 85% who didn't wear earplugs. Until we woke up with ringing ears after a night of clubbing. In search of an answer, we tested over 25 different earplugs. But none of them protected our ears without ruining our experience. That's why we developed Loop. Our first priority was to improve sound quality. Most earplugs sound bad because they block the ear. With Loop, sound waves enter via a small opening and pass through a hollow acoustic channel. It gives Loop its unique shape while making sure music and speech remain clear. A good earplug must be comfortable, so design was critical. The result is a high-fidelity earplug for music that is discreet but looks nothing like what you'd find in grandma’s drugstore. Loop is both elegant and effective and pairs great with outfits from jeans to a tuxedo. Over this past year, we’ve gathered feedback from our beta customers and ready to launch a new generation of earplugs on September 30. Sign up now for early access and 10% off your order when we launch! And did I mention we offer free worldwide shipping? Share your feedback, ask a question or tell us your favorite color. We're very curious!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
FWIW, I don't think standard earplugs look dorky. But this certainly is unique.
Dimitri Oo
Dimitri OoMaker@dim130 · Co-founder @Loopearplugs
Thanks Ryan!
Carl Jacobs
Carl Jacobs@carl_jacobs · CEO Apicbase.com
My kids have to wear ear protection to go to basically everywhere there’s noice. now with their loops, the struggle of making them put them in is finally over. Fewwwww.
Dimitri Oo
Dimitri OoMaker@dim130 · Co-founder @Loopearplugs
Haha, you must have cool kids. 😎
Arnò S Sergheevici
Arnò S Sergheevici@ohyesohyes · The future is here.
great product! can’t wait to have mines!
Ellen Kruijzen
Ellen KruijzenMaker@ellen_kruijzen · Nightlife Evangelist at Loop
Hi @ohyesohyes, just to let you know we have new Loop's available in Midnight Black and Glorious Gold. Other colors will follow soon! ;)