Smart screen for the home

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Hello Hunters! This is Brian, one of the founder of Loop. I’m thrilled to bring Loop to you all. We built Loop to make it easy to stay connected to the people and things you love. Inspired by the kitchen TV, it re-imagines how we connect and enjoy photos, videos or online content - together. You can use it in your own home and create a gather around experience. You can also buy one for someone else and help them stay connected by sharing pictures, videos or even a effortless video chat. We wanted to make it easy to use, so Loop can be controlled with voice and gestures. Loop looks kinda cool too. We hope you like it!
@brian1gannon love the design of the hardware so much. How open is the software, could it be used to watch netflix/stream videos over my network in addition to everything else it does? Looks like it would make the perfect little tv to have around the house.
@bpmarkowitz Hi Ben, I love where your head is at. Yes, you can stream vides to Loop. We are starting with YouTube and some other curated channels. But in the future will open it up for more content. You hit the nail on the head with the TV analogy. The opportunity we see is the space between the 80" TVs that you have on your wall and the small screens you need to hold in your hand.
My finger is hovering dangerously close to the buy button. Good luck!
@brian1gannon What's the screen resolution?
This is the 4rd digital "photo frame" to launch in the past few weeks. Aura Frame, Joy, and Electric Objects EO2 Digital Art Display came before. What's inspiring this to happen now?
@rrhoover proliferation of cheap high res displays on the market (thanks to tablets) and multitude of online sources of high res photos (thanks to high quality phone cameras)?
@rrhoover This is Brian, founder of Loop. Great question. I can't speak for everyone's motivation but I think some of the core the drivers are 1. Economics - 5 years ago it would have cost $400 just to build a connected display device with processing power and quality. The smartphones and tablets drove the cost down of the core components and the supply chain is finally open. 2. Glut of good quality personal content. We are taking and accumulating pictures and videos at unprecedented rate - and the quality is great. But it is often scattered and who has time to dig into their devices. This gets cubed when you have kids. 3. Consumer comfort for tech gadgets in the home (if nicely designed). A few years ago only early adopters would connect up devices in their home. Now my mom has a Drop...ehem Nestcam because its easy to setup and use. This idea of a "smart" screen for the home has been talked about for years if not decades. The cars are starting to drive themselves. We believe the time is right to give us the rest of the Jetsons experience in the home.
Apple should buy these guys to build their Alexa/Home competitor
I've played with one and it's amazing. Congrats on the launch Brian and team!
The hardware design reminds me of the phone on the movie Her. It looks more like an heirloom, an antique.