Trigger your Zapier zap directly in the browser

Loop is a Chrome Extension that lets you trigger Zapier workflow and loop back result directly in your browser!

Push information to Zapier (note, URL, screenshot) from the page you're on, and send back from Zapier rich notification to the Chrome Extension.

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Sinan YumurtacıCurious. Entrepreneur.
how is this different from the official Zapier extension?
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@enjoythecode Hello Sinan, thanks for your comment 🙌 The major change compared to the original Zapier Chrome Extension is the capability to send data from Zapier to the Chrome Extension – and not only the other way around! In other words, you can trigger a workflow as you would do with Push by Zapier – for example, to search contact in HubSpot and/or Zendesk, and then push back the result directly in the Loop Chrome Extension 🙂
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Such a cool product, can't believe i'm only finding out about it now. Great for prototyping out solutions quickly. Wish there was more to it like for teams or something.