Loomie 3D Avatars

Create personalized stickers to share in WhatsApp & Slack 😎

Loomie 3D avatars are a brand new way to personalize your WhatsApp, Slack and other digital communications and make them more creative and expressive. As a bonus, you can use your Loomie 3D avatar in AR mode and mirror in real-time your facial expressions.
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It is a pleasure to introduce the Loomie 3D avatars with sticker & AR selfie features to the Product Hunt community. 3D avatars present a powerful new medium for self expression and communication in the digital world. The Loomie avatar style that we introduce today is a product of several years of experimentation. We chose a balance between photo-realism (for recognizability), stylization (for emotion/expressivity, app performance) and customization (for variety, UX design, app size). We also spent considerable engineering on optimizing the underlying deep learning algorithms for mobile and making it hardware + OS agnostic. This opens up a unified 3D avatar experience for a larger user base across iOS and Android ecosystems. Our eventual goal is to enable developers to integrate user's 3D Loomies produced from our app into their own applications, games and webpages. We are working on SDKs and developer tools to facilitate this integration, please sign up if you're interested in learning more: https://loomai.com/contact . And we would love to hear your feedback on the stickers, and other possible integrations and applications of 3D avatars!
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Hi! A few years back we imagined an alternate presence in digital interactions to make it more personal and expressive. We had experience creating digital characters for the big screen but representing faces for consumers meant new challenges in balancing 3D style and animation capabilities that could be driven automatically in real-time on mobile. And today, (drum roll) we are excited to introduce our Loomie 3D avatars 🚀to the Product Hunt community! Our new app can turn a simple selfie into an animated avatar in seconds. Our first rollout of “avatar-expression” that you can share in your digital channels are with our sticker packs for use in WhatsApp, Slack and Gboard (for Android). Your avatar is your face to the world and how you project your feelings to others. We have seen a positive difference in team interactions simply because they have been able to express themselves with a personalized avatar that they can customize with clothes, accessories and style. Check out our teams Loomie profiles: https://loomai.com/about 😎 To take your digital presence further, in AR mode our 3D avatars can mirror in real-time facial expressions and movements. We are really excited to share our Loomie app and hope you have as much fun 🎢 creating and using your avatars as our team does. Please let us know what you think, as this is just the beginning of what we hope to do with Loomie 3D avatars.
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Works great, finally I can show myself with a representable face :)
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I came to PH looking for another project and found yours. Very interesting. I am also in the tech+art field and found your product quite fascinating. However, there is no way to test out your product directly ie upload my photo on the web and see a 3d model! Anyway, love your product.
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Hi @sridharramasami :Please check out https://developer.loomai.com/ . We have a REST API that lets you upload a photograph and render out stickers.
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@sridharramasami Thanks! This version of the Loomie app is focused on sharing 2D personalized sticker images and 2D avatar selfie images. But you are right, behind the scenes there is a 3D model and this makes it very powerful for enabling many more applications - soon we will be providing developers access to the 3D models (which will be in glTF) and tools to interact with these avatars in their own applications through our SDKs.
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This app is incompatible with my LG V20a running Android 8.0.0, any suggestions for a workaround. This looks like a very interesting app, so any guidance is highly appreciated.
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Hi @patelbros001: Thanks for your interest!The Loomie app works on Android 9.0 (Pie) and above, any chance you can update the Android version on your phone?
@kiran_bhat1 unfortunately LG is notorious for not releasing OS updates on time. My model LG v20a has been in line for quite a long time to get Android 9 update, that is if LG does get serious to fulfil it's commitment towards many loyal consumers. So I guess I cannot use the app till then unfortunately...
@patelbros001 : Argh, somewhat annoying that LG's not updating to Android 9 yet. The v20a model has nice h/w specs otherwise (Qualcomm Snapdragon) which should make for a really nice AR experience as well.
@patelbros001 : One workaround, if you are interested in getting auto-generated stickers from a photograph (without using the app), is to use our REST API. https://docs.loomai.com/guides/c...