An elegant dictionary app for iPhone and Apple watch



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Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
This app was recently featured in Apple's 20 under 20 promotion on the App Store. Liking how they make their word of the days very visual...it's a nice touch.
Eddie Pratt@prattarazzi · Product Manager, ProductSnacks.com
@robjama Looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. I just took a look and learnt what Simulacrum means...
Vidit BhargavaMaker@viditb · UI Design, LookUp (iOS App)
@robjama Thanks! Glad you like it :)
Vidit BhargavaMaker@viditb · UI Design, LookUp (iOS App)
Here's a small post, I wanted to share regarding: The process of designing LookUp's Watch App, without having the watch to test it on: https://medium.com/@viditb/desig...
Vidit BhargavaMaker@viditb · UI Design, LookUp (iOS App)
Introducing LookUp 3.0 We've completely redesigned lookup from the ground up to provide a more enjoyable experience. The dashboard is now the hub for discovering words, quotes, phrases and from the language. With more active content generation, you won't just be able to learn a new word everyday, you'll now be able to discover new and interesting content every moment. LookUp's redesigned dashboard is a peep into the beautiful language that English is. The definition screen includes a cleaner look and a much more readable form for the etymology of words, providing indents and other visual cues to better organise that information. iMessage App: If you've discovered something on our dashboard that you found really interesting, you can now share it with your friends with our iMessage App.
Vidit BhargavaMaker@viditb · UI Design, LookUp (iOS App)
A glimpse of the Look Around feature coming to LookUp with iOS 11.