Lookout for Apple Watch

Find your iPhone right from your wrist

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Sibo Zhao
PM, Lookout
The team at Lookout is excited to launch Lookout for Apple Watch today. This all started when some engineers here at Lookout were playing with an Apple Watch and brainstorming what they could potentially build on the new platform. They realized that the Apple Watch not only keeps you connected to your iPhone and all its contents, but it could help you prevent your iPhone from being lost or stolen too. Lookout for Apple Watch tells you how far apart your Watch and iPhone are, and when they’re about to lose bluetooth connection. Lookout for Apple Watch visualizes the distance between your devices, and sends a notification to your Watch if your iPhone is about to lose connection. You can also find your iPhone’s last location, and remotely make your iPhone scream from your Watch. We would love to hear thoughts, suggestions and questions!
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Elia Morling
@sibo_zhao I lost my phone this morning and would have loved this, so I installed. I activated all features except backup. It didn't "feel" safe to store them on a third party service in the cloud
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This is a really smart product.. and I'm sure it will help so many people. Good job to your team!
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brandon hoeMaking the iPhone a better camera
😄 I love that you can make your iPhone scream!! Will you be able to choose celebrity screams? Record your own scream? 😉
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Nice product! Is there a possibility to do the same for the Apple Watch? So you can make your watch scream?