Custom room design from a pro for only $99

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It takes a lot effort to decorate a home and as someone who has appreciation but no expertise in home decor, this would be very useful.
Joe BoutrosMaker@contextjunkie · Dir of Product Engineering at data.world
Hey everyone, Joe from LookNook here! We are so honored by the positive response from the Product Hunt community. I'm happy to offer Product Hunters a free room design! If you're ready to furnish or refresh your space, give us a shot. We'll connect you with our network of talented designers, and you'll collaborate directly on our design platform to create the perfect room design for your needs. Once your design is finished, you can purchase what you like, taking advantage of our access to wholesale products and discounted retail products. One checkout with us and we'll handle all of the ordering details for you. Feel free to reach out to me directly with comments and questions! I'm really looking forward to the feedback this awesome community will provide!
Jeremy Zykorie@jeremyz123
Seen a lot of products in this space recently. Laurel & Wolf just raised a big round Havenly was raising on Angellist
Nate Hanson@natemhanson · Building Buffer, Co-Founder of Sumry
Very interesting! Wish the price point was a little lower. Also, @JeremyZ123 can you share some more of the products you've seen?
Jeremy Zykorie@jeremyz123
@natemhanson Well, those were the main other two... ha! But seen them all in the last month. The real business here will obviously be in actually selling the products in the design. But that's probably also the real benefit for the consumer... getting furniture and decor you might otherwise get, but at cheaper prices. Should make up for the design costs. (Randomly, why I like Instacart, too. I save money using it, in this case because I'm not throwing random stuff in my cart. The 1 hr delivery is great, but saving money is even better)
Joe BoutrosMaker@contextjunkie · Dir of Product Engineering at data.world
@JeremyZ123 @natemhanson You're in luck, we're putting together a special offer for Product Hunt readers, so stay tuned!
Joe BoutrosMaker@contextjunkie · Dir of Product Engineering at data.world
@natemhanson A design for you on the house! Just use the link above, it will take to to a special promo page
Nate Hanson@natemhanson · Building Buffer, Co-Founder of Sumry
@contextjunkie Awesome, Joe! Really appreciate it. We're moving into a new place next week. This will be super handy. :)
Jason Comely@jasoncomely · concept hacker
Love this idea.
anamitra banerji@anamitra · partner, foundation capital
The marketplace opportunity to disrupt the status quo is pretty high. Beyond the design ideas, the from product sales makes the space esp interesting.