Lookmark 2.4

Track updates from the apps you've bookmarked on iTunes

Lookmark is a smart way to bookmark iTunes content. Apps, movies, music, books and more on your iPhone and computer.

This new feature lets you track and get notified of app updates for iOS and Mac apps.

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    Until you pay subscription price of $11.49 for 6 month In Canada you dont get a Price or update alerts...It means that until you pay this app is no better than simple reminder app with link.

    nilsej has used this product for one day.
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    Replaced missing appstore tracking


    too costly.

    stop telling me it will save me money overall. That’s not working.

    Jason Cutler has never used this product.


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Joseph Wood@iamjmw · Social Media Coordinator
Once Apple got rid of the wish list in the AppStore in iOS 11 I’ve been looking for an app like this. Just paid the $9.99 price. If it can save me money on apps and movies it will be worth it.
Claes JacobssonMaker@claesjacobsson · Creator of Lookmark
@iamjmw Thanks Joseph and welcome aboard!
Adam Fox@faxmado
Love this! Though, $9.99 is quite a lot of money for the services offered in Plus.
Claes JacobssonMaker@claesjacobsson · Creator of Lookmark
@faxmado Thanks! Pricing is hard. But if you use the Plus features a lot I think you’ll make your money back and more.
Liked the app. But the price is definitely insane, Many of the web tools like appshopper provide much deeper analysis of historical price and price watch at free of cost. If the price is cheaper, many people could have used it.
Claes JacobssonMaker@claesjacobsson · Creator of Lookmark
@nilsej Thanks for the feedback! Lookmark Plus is helping you save money on iOS and Mac apps. That will cost you roughly $1 / month. I think you'll make that money back pretty quickly. Like I said before, pricing is hard and and I am grateful for the input. But calling the current pricing 'insane' I consider a bit harsh :-)
@claesjacobsson what I think about pricing is definitely my view. Obviously it’s your product and your pricing model.
Claes JacobssonMaker@claesjacobsson · Creator of Lookmark
Update: Lookmark Plus now has 1 month free trial. https://apple.co/2m62UEB