Save iTunes content for later.

A smart way to save iTunes content for later. Apps, movies, music and more - all can be lookmarked!

Save Data

Don’t waste your data by downloading content over a cellular network. Lookmark notifies you when Wi-Fi is available.

On the Desktop

The Lookmark browser extension lets you lookmark content from web pages on your computer.

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There are many nice additions in the works for upcoming versions of Lookmark. One of the most requested and among the first on our list: a Safari Extension :-)
If you want to know more about how Lookmark works, I wrote a blog post that shows a couple of good examples. http://lookmark.io/blog/hello-lo... Thanks!
Pretty neat concept. I text myself apps to download all the time
@yo Been there :-) Thanks!
nice one. i was using until now Pushbullet but Pushbullet became clunky and slow. in many ways reminds me what we built with Pastefire 5 years ago.
@ourielohayon Thanks! Working hard on new features :-)
Just wanted to let you guys know that we have released a public beta of the Lookmark Safari Extension. Hope you’ll like it :-) http://lookmark.io/blog/going-on...