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Hello everyone. I'm co-founder of LookAt. LookAt is a collaboration platform for everyone who makes video. We've been in the video production industry for many years and we just got tired of handling long threads of emails. Than we thought - What if we had Google Docs or @InVisionApp for videos? That's when we decided to found LookAt. We offer @producthunt visitors exclusively - 3 extra free months (worth up to $597)! We keep developing and improving LookAt everyday, and appreciate any feedback. Cheers! Yonathan UPDATE: 24hrs. after... Well, analytics went crazy :) Although we launched 4 month ago, it felt like a whole new launch for us. We got X10 website traffic and a lot of registers. I would like to thank all of you Upvoters and a special thanks to @producthunt and @benln for introducing us to the PH community. Don't forget to claim your 3 extra free months for your next company video, exclusively on @producthunt
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Ben Lang
Serial hunter 🧞‍♂️
@ygurzeev What's the link for the deal?
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Yoav HornungCo-founder Veed.me + Coverr.co
Great product, we're already using LookAt for our productions and soon our community will use it as well.. good job lookat team!
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Shachar ShamirCo-founder&COO, Ranky
Great product. Really helping to reduce the editing ping pongs. Good job!
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@shashamir Thanks!
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Adam PogorzelskiCEO @ Code & Pepper and @ IssueFly
Great hunting, Ben (@benln). Very useful tool @inbalvoitiz & @ygurzeev! I wish I knew about it sooner; I've just finished working on video explainer but I will get it for another project for sure!
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@pogarson Thanks! Looking forward seeing you on LookAt on your next video project!
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