Instagram for 360° photos

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Been loving playing around with this! Pretty straight forward concept, like Instagram for 360 photos. Tip: you don't have to always look crazy moving your phone around, you can scroll too
@bentossel hey Ben! Thanks for hunting us, super stoked to share Lookabout! No 360° camera or extra hardware needed (sorry had a bug w/ Product Hunt mobile app and the original comment disappeared)
🙌 for startups in Santa Monica
Loving all the awesome new experiences everyone's creating!! Super cool.
Overwhelmed by the support you guys!! Stay tuned for more 🎉
Cool app, what about 360 video ?
@etienne_l Coming soon!! I'm guessing you've got a lot of V360 edits ready? :)
@jack_ogrady you bet we do! and V360 iOS is around the corner