Look at that Saas collects design inspiration, resources and blogs from founders to provide those starting a SaaS with the help and guidance they need.

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Thomas Evans
COO, EmailOctopus
Delighted to launch Look at that SaaS today! When we launched our SaaS (https://emailoctopus.com), we did everything in-house. New to the game and unsure on how to price/design or do things, we spent a hell of a lot of time researching other similar businesses, what their landing pages look like, how they display their pricing tiers and how they do their onboarding. A few years down the line and now with more time, we've decided to (hopefully) help out those starting their SaaS journey by opening up all the screenshots and interesting articles we've gathered over the last few months.
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Mike RitchieBuilding seekwell.io
@td_evans It'd be cool if the data from the "Pricing" section was in a table, similar to this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...
ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic
Great collection! I see @freshchatapp here, @srikrishnang, @jchristopherinc. ;)
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Orhan Bayramco-founder & ceo @AngelEffect
Thank you guys! Great collection
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JDPProduct Marketer
A colleague commented that the name is pretty inappropriate. Is that intended?
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Ken KaczmarekCo-founder, Flex.io
This is really well done @td_evans; particularly impressive is capturing all the onboarding steps. I've done (and continue to do) this stuff for my own needs, but this is a really nice resource to have in one place (And, as an aside, just signed up for EO last week -- you had a really nice onboarding experience and look forward to digging in with the product in the next couple weeks. One thing maybe worth testing -- I got stuck on the "add the SES info" until I could pull in our guy who could grab all this info for me and then it was a little juggling of snippets over slack... iirc, I think it may be Segment (?) onboarding that let's you "send this request to your tech guy" in case the signer-upper is in, say, marketing.)
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