Live video streaming in your chats and groups

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Hi Product Hunt, We're really excited to present Look, the culmination of years of work we've poured into constructing the best communication experience for today's world. Look's key innovation is relatively simple: instant streaming messages you can send to anyone. We're huge believers in the power and value of texting and the way in which it has transformed communication in the 21st century for billions of individuals, but much has been lost in that transition away from more human forms of communication. Look live videos offer the convenience of messaging (great for both synchronous and asynchronous communication) with vastly greater potential for expression, clarity, and conciseness that video calls enable. Because they are live, data-efficient, and nearly instant, they make communcation (pointing the camera at yourself), and video sharing (pointing it at anything you want to show) easy and engaging. Furthermore, because they're live, they're real and not edited--just like real-life communication or phone calls. Look is built on top of Sochat, a broad messaging application 3 years in the making, engineered by a team with many more years of experience building the mobile messaging applications hundreds of millions of you use today. We hope you'll try Look out and find it a tool that makes your life better and helps you be closer to those you care about.
@lukensok Very cool live video feature! Love the look and feel.
Looks great. Congrats guys :)
Congrats on launch! What prompted the rebrand from Sochat?
@yefim We built a lot of features we were very proud of in Sochat, but felt like we needed to dive deep and go farther into how we could really change the landscape of messaging and communication. LOOK is what we arrived at, but all the good stuff that made Sochat great is still inside it