Longboard Mapp

Ultimate longboard app with real world gaming mode.

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Okay, this is our first app, it's only for longboarders, which is a small and very strong extreme sport niche. The idea itself is built by longboarders, so if you know anyone with a "big skateboard", you should invite them, because this is the app which they have probably dreamed about!
Longboard Mapp, the app with Tracks & Spots, for all of you Longboarders, around The Globe. Just download the app, turn it on when you go for a ride. It will mark the track on a map, so you can save it, add some details about the track, and the GPS data will do the rest for you.
This just screams for wearable support. Really eager to see how this pans out, however, the same idea could be applied to a bunch of different verticals in extreme sports (snowboarding, skiing, dirt biking, you name it).
@markomudrinic It looks like you can see the future, that actually are our plans for the upcoming months/years. :)
@markomudrinic We're already working on some features for wearables, like retrieving additional real-time info and using it for our riding statistics. Also, for compatible Android wearables we will notify users of crossing a speed limit or a potential dangerous turns that lie ahead, thus improving overall security.