Longboard Mapp

Ultimate longboard app with real world gaming mode.

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Nenad Kosović
Nenad KosovićMaker@nenaddmc · Founder @AdrenalynMapp
Okay, this is our first app, it's only for longboarders, which is a small and very strong extreme sport niche. The idea itself is built by longboarders, so if you know anyone with a "big skateboard", you should invite them, because this is the app which they have probably dreamed about!
Nemanja Cerovac
Nemanja CerovacHunter@ncerovac · Santiment.net, LaptopFriendly.co
Longboard Mapp, the app with Tracks & Spots, for all of you Longboarders, around The Globe. Just download the app, turn it on when you go for a ride. It will mark the track on a map, so you can save it, add some details about the track, and the GPS data will do the rest for you.
Marko Mudrinic
Marko Mudrinic@markomudrinic · Editor, Netokracija
This just screams for wearable support. Really eager to see how this pans out, however, the same idea could be applied to a bunch of different verticals in extreme sports (snowboarding, skiing, dirt biking, you name it).
Nenad Kosović
Nenad KosovićMaker@nenaddmc · Founder @AdrenalynMapp
@markomudrinic It looks like you can see the future, that actually are our plans for the upcoming months/years. :)
Milos Pesic
Milos PesicMaker@povverslave · CTO @Stellup
@markomudrinic We're already working on some features for wearables, like retrieving additional real-time info and using it for our riding statistics. Also, for compatible Android wearables we will notify users of crossing a speed limit or a potential dangerous turns that lie ahead, thus improving overall security.