Long Game

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Lindsay Holden@lindsayholden
Hi everyone! We're so excited to see we got hunted! Happy to answer any questions and if your curious to learn more about what we are up to and why - check this out: https://www.longgame.co/founders...
Richard Rabbat@richard_rabbat
This is an amazing product. So many people throw their money down the drain. Long Game could help millions of Americans save money without even thinking about it
This sounds great, but I'm guessing it's U.S only, right? I always have to ask this, especially for finance apps. At least it is available here on the UK app store. I've signed up for email updates. :)
Lindsay Holden@lindsayholden
@ianmayman Yes, for now just in the US. Thank you for asking!
Charley Ma@charleyma · Fintech @ Plaid
Congrats on the feature LongGame team! How did you guys decide on prize-linked savings as the path towards helping people save?
Lindsay Holden@lindsayholden
@charleyma Over 50% of Americans play the lotto, so it's clear the mechanism is compelling! We're using the same idea but instead of spending money on lotto, you are putting it in a savings account.
Casey Shultz@alaskacasey · Head of Ops, Serverless
Love this idea! When are you going to make it to where it supports all financial institutions? I have a credit union account and can't add $$ to my Long Game account.
Lindsay Holden@lindsayholden
@alaskacasey We now support almost all financial institutions! In the list of banks scroll down to "Don't see your bank?" and go from there.
Casey Shultz@alaskacasey · Head of Ops, Serverless