Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Take your bike and find your own path down mountains.

Take your bike and find your own path down unspoiled mountains in this arcade-style mountain biking game for Windows, Mac and Linux 🚵.

  • J Kline
    J KlineExecutive

    Looks thrilling!



    Very excited to try demo. Go go Kickstarter!

    J Kline has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Great art style, good looking gameplay, first really good looking game of its type


    It hasnt come out yet

    Lonely mountains downhill is the game mountain bike enthusiasts and videogame enthusiasts alike can enjoy. Good luck to the team behind it!

    Jack.M has never used this product.
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I watched this a bit at Gamescom in Cologne this August. It was _awesome_. Needless to say I backed this at Kickstarter as soon as it was posted there. Good luck @dannyhellfish and @drwdso - hope you make it.
Philipp Zentner
Philipp Zentner@philipp_zentner · CEO, STOMT
Love how it developed from the first trailer to the current version. Great game